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If you're still doing that meme thing, Agalloch? Or Queen?? Idk, choose one???


favourite song: ???? they’re all good mang

least favourite song: desolation song
have i ever seen them live: so many times I have lost count
favourite band member: john
least favourite band member: how do you not like everyone
how many of their albums i have: legally? like, 1.
favourite album: Pale Folklore
favorite lyrics: I wish to die with my will and spirit intact
favorite music video: Do they even have any?
ever met any members: I awkwardly talked with John about Kneel to the Cross once after a show.

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The Smoths

favourite song: Handsome Devil
least favourite song: idk I haven’t listened to more than like, one album. I can only take them in small doses.
have i ever seen them live: no
favourite band member: morrissey
least favourite band member: morrissey
how many of their albums i have: like 1
favourite album: lel
favorite lyrics: a boy in the hand is worth 2 in the bush
favorite music video: idk
ever met any members: nope

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Depeche Mode

favourite song: Never Let Me Down Again or Here is the House
least favourite song: Macro
have i ever seen them live: Yes, in 2006 I think? Playing the Angel tour. Scissor Sisters opened. 
favourite band member: idec
least favourite band member: idec
how many of their albums i have: I legally own like 3-5 I think and everything else I have illegally :’D
favourite album: I have no idea. I like all of them save for the past… two-ish albums just because I haven’t heard them.
favorite lyrics: idk just pick any random song that sounds like it’s about an abusive gay relationship (so, all of them) and I probably love the lyrics.
favorite music video: Master & Servant. That hair.
ever met any members: No.

send me a band name and i'll do...

favourite song:
least favourite song:
have i ever seen them live:
favourite band member:
least favourite band member:
how many of their albums i have:
favourite album:
favorite lyrics:
favorite music video:
ever met any members: